Coffee & Restaurant Management System

Introducing the Coffee and Restaurant Management System, a seamless integration of Laravel, MySQL, and Vue JS technologies. This dynamic single-page application boasts two key components:

  • POS interface
  • Admin dashboard

It gives the admin the ability to manage their restaurant, and track sales and orders. Also, waiters can pass commands and track daily income and stats.

Point of Sale (POS) Interface

Designed for both cashiers and waitstaff, the POS application provides a simple way to manage orders. Users can easily choose tables, take orders, and track the whole process, even approving or canceling orders.

When orders are ready, the system automatically informs the kitchen using a receipt printer, making food prep smoother.

At the end of the day, the cashier finishes their shift, and the system compiles all orders automatically, including details and total amounts.

Admin Dashboard

Giving administrators total control over the restaurant, the dashboard lets them manage everything easily. They can create, change, or remove:

  • Categories
  • Menu Items
  • Employees
  • Discounts

Another important thing in the dashboard is statistics. By delivering a comprehensive overview of shifts details, order patterns, inventory status, and income streams, the system empowers the admin to navigate the coffee's operations with precision and foresight. This not only leads to smoother day-to-day management but also contributes to the coffee's overall growth and success.

Ticket Printing

This is the most challenging part because I had to deal with networking problems and printer driver integration with PHP.

Using ESCPOS printer with PHP, the system was able to print receipts and notify kitchens of coming orders, which saves a lot of time.


Thank you for reaching the end of this description. If you have any questions, or suggestions, or need help feel free to contact me.

Have a nice day ^_^