Software Engineer & Cloud Enthusiast

I love solving problems - that's what fuel my continuous learning and development over the years. From software engineering to studying Big Data & Cloud Computing at ENSET Mohammedia. Always hungry for more challenges!

Featured Projects

Network Traffic Visualization Data Pipeline
Data Pipeline

Network Traffic Visualization Data Pipeline

This project focuses on creating a comprehensive data pipeline for capturing, streaming, transforming, storing, and visualizing network traffic data.

Fuel Station Management System
Web Development

Fuel Station Management System

This system empowers fuel station owners by enabling efficient station management and accurate tracking of fuel prices and quantities.

Serverless Chatbot App
Cloud Computing

Serverless Chatbot App

This project is a simple chatbot application created by AWS serverless architecture, React.js, and the OpenAI API. The chatbot is designed to have interactive conversations with users.

My Experience

Software developer DUP

Oct 2021 - Present
2 yrs 9 mos

In this experience, I took the lead on over 5 web projects for clients, using my knowledge of Laravel, Node JS, and WordPress. To ensure client satisfaction, I actively provided ongoing support for their projects, demonstrating exceptional customer service.

Associate Software Engineer Cyberdefenders

Jul 2023 - Sep 2023
2 mos

As an Associate Software Engineer, I helped to improve the platform's UI and functionality. I actively participated in developing new features that drive user engagement and retention. This role also allowed me to gain valuable insights into cybersecurity and cyberdefense concepts enhancing my understanding of these crucial areas in the field.

Web Developer - Internship ajicod

Apr 2022 - Jun 2022
2 mos

During this internship, I built a design system using Figma to ensure UI consistency and efficiency. I further contributed by communicating project requirements and architecture to stakeholders. Additionally, I developed well-documented API endpoints using Laravel, to ensure seamless integration and understanding among the development team.

Web Developer - Internship Conceil Régionale Souss Massa

Jul 2021 - Aug 2021
1 mos

During my role, I took the lead in developing an employee management system using PHP, which included redesigning and optimizing the database schema. This ensured efficient data storage and retrieval, enhancing the system's performance. I also collaborated with the HR department to integrate document generation and printing for employee records, improving workflow efficiency

Skills & Tooling

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Database Technologies

Cloud Services

In frontend development, I focus on creating user interfaces for websites and web applications. I use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with frameworks like Tailwind, Angular and Vue.js. My work involves designing and implementing the visual elements of a website to ensure a great user experience.

Technologies & Tools:

Latest Blogs

Cloud Computing 101: Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 101: Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is the process of continuously tracking and managing cloud resources and services to ensure they run smoothly and stay secure. It involves keeping an eye on performance, availability, and security to maintain a healthy cloud environment.

Beyond Coding: Boost Your Engineering Career With Social Capital

Beyond Coding: Boost Your Engineering Career With Social Capital

While coding and technical skills are essential, having strong relationships can benefit your career and projects by opening doors to new opportunities, providing support, and enhancing collaboration, making you more effective and successful.

Cloud Computing 101: Cloud Security
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 101: Cloud Security

With the increasing adoption of cloud services, the focus of attackers and hackers has also shifted towards these platforms. As a result, ensuring robust cloud security has never been more critical.