Fuel Station Management System

I had the opportunity to contribute to this engaging project, it's a fuel station management system developed using Laravel and MySQL.

The system empowers fuel station owners by enabling efficient station management and accurate tracking of fuel prices and quantities.

Tanks Status Overview

The system presents a clear list of all available tanks, along with their current status, capacity, and remaining amount of fuel. By connecting tanks to fuel pumps, tracking sales and quantities for each tank is made easy.

Furthermore, prices are also stored with their corresponding dates, helping track income and sales across various time periods.

Sales Tracker

The highlight of the system is its sales tracking feature. The main goal was to keep tabs on daily fuel earnings and quantities sold.

At the end of each day, station administrators gather data from pump attendants. The system takes care of the calculations, adjusting quantities and statuses based on the latest fuel prices.

If any information is missing, an alert pops up, ensuring accurate data. Otherwise, everything runs smoothly.


Thank you for reaching the end of this description. If you have any questions, or suggestions, or need help feel free to contact me.

Have a nice day ^_^